About us

The Company

We are a small company which is specialised on components of historical keyboard instruments and in addition we offer customised products under the well-known name „Kielflügel-Kunst“.

Today our diversified range of products contains about 2500 articles, which are often produced in our own workshop. Music-houses, instrument builders as well as musicians from all over the world, from China to the USA, from Moscow to the Amazone, use our products and work with them in their instruments, which makes us very proud. 

With our work we want to take part in cultural tradition by building historical keyboards. Our wish for the future, is to produce a lot of beautiful keyboard instruments  which can be played, so that  the beauty will take place in your everyday life - this is what we  are working for. 

Our Team

Roman Sukac (*1981), proprietor and manager of Marc Vogel GmbH
About me....
Born in Pawlodar, Kasachstan, at the border to Russia. In 1991, my parents, my sisters and me moved to Germany. In 1994 during my holidays  I began to support the work in the workshop of Michael Scheer an Marc Vogel. It was very exciting and interesting for me.

After school and my education in handwork I began, together with Mischa, to repair, to restore and to build keyboard instruments. In the course of these years, I had the possibility to take good possession of building the instruments and the different components as for example the strings and the jacks. I look forward to introducing all my power and competence to offer you a good service.

Isabel Strohmeier (*1981 ), Office administrator
About me ...
I was born  in Waldshut. In 2005 I moved from Bernau to Jestetten. Since 2009 I am working in the Marc Vogel GmbH and I am the responsible person for the settlement of orders, customer service and correspondence.

I am pleased to give you advice, also in English and French language.

Desirée Biedenkapp (*1961 ), Office administrator
About me ...
I was born in1961 and after some moves inside of Germany my family finally settled in the South.
After different employments for patent attorneys in Germany and  Switzerland, as well as having had a time out for a longer period as a mother, I started to work in our company in September 2014 as a supporter for Roman Sukac and Isabel Strohmeier.

Oxana Schroo (*1972 ), seamstress
About me ...
I was born in Aschtinsk, Russia. In 2004 I moved with my family to Germany. Since 2014 I am working for Marc Vogel GmbH. It´s my job to sew the transport covers.

Arthur Mezler (*1994 ), production
About me ...
I was born in Singen. Since 2012 I’m working for Marc Vogel GmbH in the department production.

Alexander Sukac (*1975),  workshop, shipping / production
About me …
I was born in Pavlodar, Kasachstan. I came to Germany with my family in 1991 and until this time I life here. I am working for Marc Vogel GmbH since 2015. My tasks include working in the workshop and for shipping, as well as I’m employed in the production department and for maintenance work, too.


After years of being an automatic unit constructor and a precision engineer and after eight years of studying how to build keyboard instruments in Europe, Markus Vogel „Marc“ (*1954) from Bad Ragaz in Switzerland, established the workshop and supplier company  „Marc Vogel, property for the harpsichord construction“ in 1984 in Jestetten. His ambition was to connect historical ideas and materials for keyboard instruments with today´s demands and possibilities,  to lower the commercial barriers for the musicians.

Although his upcoming desease „Marc“ was putting all his effort into the development and precise production of the products, as well into the trainings of his employees, to whom he transferred the company in 2004. As to that, there was the transition from the Marc Vogel e.K. - „property for the harpsichord construction“ to the company „Marc Vogel oHG- property of harpsichords“, which started to be a GmbH in 2009.

Michael Scheer (*1950, †2014) grew up in the children‘s home Pestallozzi at the Bodensee and started to build up his studio „Kielflügelkunst (Harpsichord Art)“ in Jestetten in 1980, together with his friend Marc Vogel. His preference was about the most precise and difficult keybord instruments. This could have been the slogan: „Music instruments should be playable, sound good and inspire the musicians to something new.“

After the retirement of „Marc“, Michael Scheer also was, next to the construction of music instruments, proprietor and manager of „Marc Vogel GmbH - Cembaloteile“ and responsible for the internal and external consultation.

With his extensive knowledge in theory and practice about historical keyboard construction he attended the company since its establishment.

Between 2004 and 2013, the joint partners Sabrina Weissenberger, Waldemar Zimmermann and the long lasting employees Carlo Mezzullo, Tina Jahnke and others took part of the continuity of the company.

Since 2012 Michael Scheer knew about his disease of cancer and he tried till his very end to support the employees and the company as well as to afford a harmonic change of generation. So in January 2014 both companies were consolidated and Roman Sukac assumed the management of the company.

Before his impended death „Mischa“ wrote a farewell letter to all his friends and the customers.
After Mischa died Roman became the sole owner of „Marc Vogel GmbH“.